November's Schedule

by Game Haven

This month will be packed with all sorts of interesting events with some amazing promos!

First up we have prereleases planned for Pokémon - Silver Tempest! Entry to each event is $35. Our first event will be October 30th @1pm while the others take place November 1st @7pm, and November 6th @1pm.

Tickets are available here.
To celebrate the spooky season, we'll be handing out Pokémon Trick or Trade packs to each child on October 30th, one per person while supplies last.

November 5th @ 2pm we have the return of our D&D Beginner's Campaign!

Join us at Game Haven for a campaign designed for beginners. We will give out a free set of dice to each beginner. All ages welcome!

We have a limit of 6 people with a priority for kids so please call ahead to reserve a spot.

For Magic: The Gathering, we have another Regional Championship Qualifier! On November 6th @Noon, we'll be hosting a 2-Slot RCQ. That means the top 2 players will qualify for regionals. Deck lists are required for this event so please show up early in order to fill one out.
The format is Modern with cut to TOP 8! Entry is $25.  First 64 entrants will receive a non-foil promo Thraben Inspector, TOP 8 will receive a non-foil promo Selfless Spirit, 2nd place will receive 3 additional non foil Selfess Spirit for a complete playset, and Winner will receive 2 foil promo Selfless Spirit as well as an additional non foil for a complete playset. Tickets for preregistration are available here.


We will also be experiencing a pivotal moment in Dominaria's — and Magic's — history with the release of a new set, The Brothers' War! 

We'll be hosting 5 prerelease events, entry for each is $35 per person with set booster packs as prize support! For each ticket preordered, you will receive one foil 30th anniversary Wall of Roots promo (while supplies last). Dates are Friday the 11th @ 7pm, Saturday the 12th @ Noon and 5pm, Two-Headed Giant on Sunday the 13@ Noon, and finally a regular sealed on Sunday @ 5pm. 

Continuing with the celebration of Magic: The Gatherings 30th anniversary, we'll be handing out special promos to people who preregister for prerelease For each event you preregister for, while supplies last, you will receive one (1) promo foil Wall of Roots. Tickets can be found here.
Wizards of the Coast has recently changed their policy for prerelease, allowing us to host more events and sell more product! That means we can host drafts and you can pick up all products from booster boxes and bundles to singles, and commander decks!


In between prerelease rounds, you can participate in The Brothers' War Jumpstart!

For $20, you'll receive two Jumpstart packs from The Brothers' War to shuffle together and play against others! Each participant will receive 2 set booster packs from the set as prize support.


To celebrate this change, we'll be hosting a draft for The Brothers' War for our Weekly Wednesday Draft on November 16th @7pm! Entry is $20 with set booster packs as prize support!

For the official launch date of The Brothers' War, November 18th, we'll be hosting a draft @7pm. Entry is $20 and each participant will receive a foil 30th anniversary Windfall promo (while supplies last).


We'd also like to announce the return of our Draft-A-Thon. We're bringing you all day (starting @noon) drafting with a cheaper entry fee and the top 2 players will receive free entry into the next draft! 
Entry is $15 per draft, Each draft will fire when 8 people are available. 
For each draft you sign up for, you will receive one foil 30th anniversary Wood Elves promo (while supplies last).


We have recently started hosting weekly Flesh & Blood tournaments on Tuesdays @7pm. Entry is $10 and the format is Classic. Check out our calendar for more information on prizes.

Saturday Novem 12th @Noon we will also be hosting a Flesh & Blood Dynasty event! Format is Blitz Constructed with an entry fee of $10. We'll be handing out a variety of door prizes, from playmats to special cold and rainbow foils!
We can't wait to see you this month!
We have also planned something special for everyone. We've partnered with a local business called Chatime!
Chatime is a lovely bubble tea business located in towson. Chatime prepares only hand-made beverages with freshly brewed tea prepared on site. Each drink is individually prepared by trained tearistas worldwide. They will bring their food truck to our location on November 6th and November 12th so you can order some of their delicious beverages and steamed buns!
Keep about for their truck so you can place your order!


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