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Monday - Friday: Noon -10pm

Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm

To ensure your collection receives the attention it deserves, we recommend visiting before 7pm on weekdays as thats when most of our events start.


Trade-In Details

  • Pricing Structure: Our trade-in process operates on a sliding scale. We offer around 50% of the TCG Market price in cash or 60% in store credit. Amounts may vary based on individual card value and condition.
  • In-Store Evaluation: For accurate pricing, bring your cards to our store as pricing evaluations require an in-person assessment.
  • Card presentation: Please remove your cards from binders and make sure they are unsleeved before trading them in.
  • Large Collections: Call ahead if you're trading in a sizeable collection to streamline the process, as we handle multiple collections daily.


Special Instructions

  • Slabs/Graded Cards & Sealed Product: These items require management purchase. If you have a large amount of slabs or sealed product, feel free to email us a list with grading company and grade details included. Our email is:



  • Severely Damaged Cards: We will not accept severely damaged cards (water, soil, tears, holes, etc). Signed or altered cards may be an acception.
  • Pet Allergies: Notify us if you have pets, as some of our team members have allergies.
  • Queue Management: If there's a queue, you can reschedule or leave your collection with us. Provide your name and contact number, and we'll notify you once the trade-in is complete and tell you the value in cash & store credit. Cash, Check and Paypal payments are available.

Thank you for considering Game Haven for trading in your trading card sales. Your collection is our priority, and we're excited to offer you fair value for your cards.



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