Ordering Singles

Where to Find Our Singles:

Please note that our main website (this one) exclusively features event tickets and products available for preorder. For singles, head over to our TCGPlayer Pro Page, where you'll find our extensive collection ready for browsing and purchase.

Ordering Process: 

If the card you're looking for is in our inventory, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you prefer to pay in-store or with store credit, remember to select "In-Store Pickup" and "Pay Later"


Order Fulfillment:

We kindly ask for your patience as we process your order. Please allow us 24 hours to pull and prepare your singles. With the high volume of orders we receive daily, we fulfill them in the order they're received. 


Pickup Notification:

Once your order is ready for pickup, you'll receive an email notification. This ensures you can collect your cards at your convenience and continue on your gaming journey. If you do not receive an email, that means your order has not been pulled yet.


Important Reminder:

To ensure your order is processed efficiently, please refrain from sending your list of cards via email or Facebook. Lists sent through these channels may be missed due to the high volume of messages we receive.


Thank you for choosing Game Haven for all your singles needs. Happy Gaming!


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