Kickstart 2024 with Game Haven's New Year Sale & January Events!

by Game Haven

Welcome, gamers, to an exhilarating start to the new year at Game Haven! As we step into 2024, we've prepared an electrifying lineup of events, kicking off with an epic week-long New Year Sale from January 1st to January 7th. Gear up for a gaming extravaganza filled with thrilling discounts and special surprises!

New Year Sale Highlights:

TCG Singles:

  •  Magic: Raffle alert! Get 1 raffle ticket for every $50 spent on MtG singles for a chance to win one of 5 unique items! Enjoy 20% off Heavily Played and Damaged Cards. Dive into our Foreign card bins with Commons for $0.25, Uncommons for $0.50, and Rares for $1.


  • Pokémon: Earn raffle tickets! Spend $30 on Pokémon singles and get 1 raffle ticket to win 1 of 3 unique items. Also, relish 20% off Heavily Played and Damaged Cards.

TCG Sealed:

  • - Lorcana Starter Decks for $12 (Limit 1/day per customer)
  • - MtG Booster Pack Grab Bags for $12 or 3 for $30
  • - MtG Collector Booster Grab Bags: 6 boosters for $100
  • - Domaria Remastered for $5 each or 5 for $20

Plus, brace yourselves for more discounts throughout the store, with some items up to a staggering 100% off! Yes, you read that right!

Weekly Events:

Our regular weekly events in January come with their own set of exclusive promos:

  • cEDH- Competitive Commander on Jan 1 at 7pm with a promo non-foil “Touch the Spirit Realms” for each participant.
  • Modern on Jan 1 at 7pm offering a promo foil “Drown in the Loch."
  • Legacy on Jan 2 at 7pm includes a promo non-foil “Spell Pierce” for each participant.
  • Pokémon - Gym Leader Challenge on Jan 2 at 7pm where each participant will receive a prize pack, and undefeated players can also pick from various Pokémon promo cards.
  • Weekly Wednesday Draft on Jan 3 at 7pm featuring Wilds of Eldraine with a promo non-foil "Strangle” for participants.

All promos are given out while supplies last.

And a special preview event for Ravnica Remastered on Jan 5 at 7pm, Jan 6th Noon, and Jan 7th at Noon exclusively for WPN Premium stores like us!

Entry is $30 with Ravnica Remastered draft packs as prize support! Each participant will receive a retro frame non foil "Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind"(while supplies last).

The fun doesn't stop after the New Year Sale! Here's a glimpse of what's ahead:

January 12th marks the official release day for Ravnica Remastered, celebrated with a launch party at 7pm including a draft with exciting prizes.
Ravnica Remastered continues to feature in our Weekly Wednesday Draft on Jan 17 at 7pm.


Festival in a Store - A Chaos Draft reserved for WPN Premium stores on Jan 19 @7pm. Stay tuned for exclusive event details and how to participate.


Chaos Drafts on Jan 24th for Weekly Wednesday Draft and Friday Night Magic on Jan 26th, both at 7pm, offering unique entry options and diverse pack selections. Entry is $10 + the price of packs. Choose from our abundant selection of sets or bring you own. Un-sets and Commander sets are excluded.


January 31 at 7pm brings back Game Haven’s Community Cube, an immersive experience where players can curate the cube based on their record. Entry is $10 Limited to 8 spots!

Join us for an unforgettable gaming experience at Game Haven this January!

Please note that some events have limited spots, so be sure to secure your spot early. For more details and event updates, keep an eye on our store website. Let's start the year with a gaming bang at Game Haven!


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