Unleash the Magic: Festival in a Store

by Game Haven

Are you ready to immerse yourself into a one of a kind Drafting experience? Join us for an exclusive and exhilarating draft experience with Festival in a Store, a special event crafted for WPN Premium stores like ours! Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for providing us with a grab bag of 24 boosters packs and some spectacular prizes.

Event Details:


Rotisserie Draft - A Unique Twist

 In this distinct format, packs are laid out on the table in a grid. Players take turns choosing a single drafter booster from the table. Once 8 packs have been picked, rather than starting with the first player again, "snake" backwards—the last player to choose picks first and players continue in reverse order. For the last 8 packs, work your way back down the original order. Once each player has 3 packs, draft those as normal! We'll go over all rules at the start of the event.


The Spectacular Draft Pack Lineup:

  • 1x Dominaria Remastered
  • 3x Modern Horizons 2
  • 1x Dominaria United
  • 1x The Brothers' War
  • 2x Streets of New Capenna
  • 4x Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • 3x Wilds of Eldraine
  • 4x March of the Machine
  • 1x Phyrexia: All Will Be One
  • 2x Innistrad: Crimson Vow
  • 2x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Prize: Support:

Each player receive 1 Mystery Booster Convention edition pack for participating, and 1 additional booster pack for each found won.

Grand Prizes for Undefeated Players:

  • 1 Non-foil Relentless Rats Secret Lair Promo
  • 4 bonus packs of Mystery Booster Convention Edition
  • 1 Foil etched Dan Frazier Mox Box Secret Lair Drop

Mark your Calendar:

  • Drawing: January 17th
  • Draft: Jnauary 19th at 7pm

Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary event! Enter the raffle, cross your fingers, and get ready to dive into the spellbinding chaos of this Festival in a Store!


Lost Caverns of Ixalan: 

For those uninterested or not selected for Festival in a Store, fear not! We'll also be offering a draft for Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Join in the magic even if you're not part of the Festival in a Store Chaos.


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