May The 4th Be With You

by Game Haven

Are you ready for some serious fun this May? We're bringing you a whole host of events you won't want to miss out on!

First up we have a Dungeons & Dragons Beginner's Campaign on May 6th at 2pm.

Our friend Jay is offering her time as DM for this experience, and each player gets a free set of dice. This event is free to attend, so gather up your friends and join the adventure! All ages are welcome, but we do prioritize children, so make sure to call and reserve a spots. If spots are filled, don't worry, you can reserve a spot for the next session on June 3rd at 2pm.


Next, we have a 2HG Commander Tournament on May 7th at 2pm.

This event is perfect for competitive players who love to team up and battle it out. Entry fee is $10 per person, and the format is 2HG commander with unified construction, best of 1, with teams starting with 60 life

The first place teams get 2 30th Anniversary promo foil Kor Haven and 2 (two) Vindicate (Italian), while the second place team gets 1 30th Anniversary promo foil Kor Haven and 1 Vindicate (Italian).


Our Store Championship on May 20th at noon is another great event for competitive players.

Entry fee is $25, and the format is Standard with cut to TOP 8 and numder of rounds is dependent on the number of attendants.

The first 60 entrants get a non-foil promo Strangle, while the TOP 8 get a foil promo Ather Channeler. Winner will receive a full art foil promo Thalia and the Gitrog Monster, as well as 3 more copies of Strangle and bragging rights as out Store Champion! Decklists are REQUIRED, so please come early to fill one out or come prepared with one already filled. Tickets are available here for preregistration.


On May 21rst at noon, we're hosting our first DreamHack RCQ (2-Slot) for Round 4!


The entry fee is $25, the format is Pioneer with cut to TOP 8, and number of rounds is dependent on number of attendants.

The first 58 entrants get a non foil promo Unholy Heat, while TOP 8 receive a non foil promo Eldritch Evolution. The TOP 2 players will receive a foil promo Eldritch Evolution, 3 more Unholy Heat, 2 more non foil Eldritch Evolution, and an invitation to Regionals! Tickets are available here for preregistration.

Our friends from Chatime will be making an appearance an appearance on this day so keep an eye out for their truck!

Stay tuned for information on our second RCQ for this season.


If you're looking for a more casual event, come to our March of the Machine Commander Party on May 28th at 2pm.


The entry fee is $7, and you can bring your own commander decks to play in a fun new mini-game! Participants receive $5 in store credit as well as 3 Phyrexian foil promos such as Psychosis Crawler, Norn's Annex, and Beast Within!


For all Pokemon lovers out there, we have a prerelease for the newest set, Paldea Evolved on May 28th @Noon!

 For $35, each participant will receive a Paldea Evolved Build & Battle kit. ​Any player that wins all 3 rounds will receive 6 Paldea Evolved Booster Packs, players that win 2 will get 4, and everyone else gets 2!

Immediately following that, we have our Pokemon League Challenge on May 28th around 3:30pm.

The entry fee is $10 for Masters and Seniors and $5 for Juniors (those born 2011 or later). Decklists and player IDs are required. The event cap is 66, and the format is Standard with swiss rounds, based on number of attendants. Prizes are given to TOP 8, also based on number of attendants. Tickets are avaiable here for preregistration. Please only buy Juniors if you are purchasing for a minor.


We also have our monthly meeting for the Ladies Magic Lounge on May 31st!

From 7pm to 10pm, you can enjoy a night of fun and make new friends. This event is free to attend! Our Assistant Manager, Sham, will be running the event, so be sure to bring your MtG decks (or borrow one of ours). Each participant will receive 1 MtG promo. There are only 7 spots available so please call to reserve your spot.


This weekend, May 6th and 7th, we're thrilled to annoucne that we'll be participating in the Baltimore PokeCon!

We're taking our entire Pokemon inventory with us to the convention so that everyone attending can see what we have in stock. In case you're looking to purchase some Pokemon singles, please head on over to our TCGplayer Pro page and place your order. You can collect your order at the convention if you're planning to attend, or it will be ready for pickup at our store on Monday the 8th

Don't forget to swing by our booth and say hello if you're attending the convention! We've got some fantastic events planned, and we'd love to have you participate. For more details, check out their website.


Also, get ready trainers, we have some exciting news for all our Pokemon enthusiasts! Our first-ever Pokemon League Cup is scheduled for June 11th and we can't wait for you to join us!

This tournament will start promptly at 11am, but we will open our doors at 10am to give everyone ample time to settle in. Entry fees are $35 for Masters & Seniors, and $20 for Juniors (those born 2011 or later). The format is Standard with cut to TOP 4 or TOP 8 (depending on attendance). Prizes for TOP 4/8 are also dependant on number of attendants. Chefck back later for tickets.


We'd also like yo inform you all that on May 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, our store will be opening later than usual at 5pm and closing at 11pm. This decision was made to give our staff some much needed rest and downtime. We take pride in providing excellent service and believe taking a short break will help us to deliver quality service. Our store will resume its regular hours on May 19th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


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