July Lineup

by Game Haven

July is fast approaching and that means so are some cool events we have planned!

First, we'd like to announce the Love Your Local Game Store Promotion is returning! Starting July 1, we'll be handing out foil retro-frame Sol Ring for purchases of Sealed Magic product over $50! This promotion is only available while supplies last.


We're kicking off the new month with a premium event, reserved for WPN Premium stores like us.

We'll be hosting a Preview Draft for Double Masters 2022! Similar to a prerelease, this allows you to experience the set early before the release date. We'll be hosting Preview Drafts on July 1st @ 7pm, July 2nd @ Noon and July 3rd @ Noon. All weekend we'll be handing out promos, limited one (1) per person. Tickets for the event will be $50 and are available here.

The Launch Day for Double Masters 2022 is July 8th so be sure to stop by to draft the set @ 7pm if you missed the preview! 

If you're looking to preorder any Double Masters 2022 product, just give us a call or stop in store!


Next up is our Summer Store Championship on July 10th @  Noon! The format for this event will be Pioneer with a cut to TOP 8. Entrants will receive one (1) promo Flame Slash, the top 8 players will receive a foil Archmage's Charm, and the first place winner will take home a foil Dark Confidant!

Be sure to sign up soon! Tickets are available here.


With the return of World Championships, we'll be hosting two (2) Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQ)! Competing and winning earns you an invitation to the Regional Championship at a DreamHack Magic Showdown.

For the first qualifier event we will be doing Streets of New Capenna Sealed with a cut to Top 8 New Capenna Draft after the swiss rounds. Our second qualifier will be Pioneer with a cut to Top 8. These are competitive events so decklists will be required.

We'll be handing out a plenty of promos! Coalesce Apparel + Design has donated $25 gift cards to their website that we will be giving away as door prizes to some lucky participantsWe'll be handing out one at each event so keep your fingers crossed! The first 32 participants a non-foil Lava Spike, Top 8 get a non-foil Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, the winner will receive a foil Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx along with a DreamHack badge!

Sealed will be held July 17th @ Noon. Tickets for Sealed are available here.

Pioneer will be held July 31st @ Noon. Tickets for Pioneer are available here.


Looking to get into Dungeons & Dragons but unsure of where to start?
Don't worry, we've got you covered with our D&D Beginner's Campaign! Though this event is tailored to inspire young creative minds, all ages are welcome!

Our first meeting will be June 11th @ 2pm.
We only have a few spots left so so please sign up in advance by giving us a call.

And let's not forget our regularly scheduled events! 


Sundays we have two (2) events scheduled. We have Pokémon Club @ Noon. Players can show up to meet other members of the community, play games and trade cards. We also have Open Play which is an all day event.

Have a bit of spare time? Stop on by to play a few games!
On Sundays you can find a variety of games to join! From board games to card games like Pokémon or Magic the Gathering!

On Mondays there are two (2) events scheduled. We have cEDH @ 7pm. If you're more of a competitive Commander player, this is the night for you!

Entry is $6 for 3 rounds of cEDH, each round 70 minutes. We allow 5 playtest cards up for cards $500+, you get a pack for participating and a pack per win!

We also have Monday Night Modern @ 7pm.

Entry is $6, 3 rounds that are 50 minutes each! We'll hand out occasional promos packs!


Tuesdays @7pm we have Pokémon Standard.

Entry is $6 for 3 rounds of Pokémon. If there are enough players, we will break it up into age divisions. ​Based on record, 3-0 gets 5 booster packs, 2-1 gets 3 booster packs, and everyone else gets 1!


Wednesdays @ 7pm  we have Draft! Check out our Calendar on the main page or give us a call to find out what set is scheduled!


Thursdays @ 7pm we have a crowd favorite, Commander League!

Entry fee is $6. We have a point sheet that changes each month so make sure you check out the calendar to see what points you should strive to meet! After each night, you will receive one booster pack and at the end of each month, we award an amount of store credit as prize based on how you rank against other players!


For Friday Night Magic we have two events scheduled! We have Draft @ 7pmCheck out our Calendar on the main page or give us a call to find out what set is scheduled!

We also have Pioneer @ 7pm.

Entry is $6 for 3 rounds, each 50 minutes. Be sure to stop by so you can test out your decks so you can be ready for our Store Championship and our RCQ!


Finally we have Standard on Saturdays @ Noon.

Entry is $6 for 3 rounds, each 50 minutes long. 3-0 gets 5 booster packs, 2-1 gets 3 booster packs, and everyone else gets 1!


If you're looking for any singles to fix up your decks for an upcoming event, be sure to check out our TCGplayer Pro page to place an order and we'll have them ready for you to play!


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