July: Dive Into Adventure and Embrace the Fun!

by Game Haven

Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed - July 5th Release

Take a leap of faith into an exciting new expansion! Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed is arriving tomorrow, July 5th. Unlock the secrets of the Animus and immerse yourself in the Brotherhood with this highly anticipated release. Preorder your sealed product now while supplies last and ensure you're ready to leap into the thrilling world of Assassin's Creed.


Love your Local Game Store Draft: - July 10th & 12th at 7pm

Show your LGS some love by participating in a Modern Horizons 3 Draft! Join us on July 10th and 12th at 7pm for a fantastic drafting experience. For just $40, each participant will receive one Full-Art promo Sakura-Tribe Elder as token of our appreciation. If drafting isn't your thing, you can still get your hands on this beautiful promo card by purchasing 3 play boosters of Modern Horizons 3. Don't miss out on this chance to support your LGS and enjoy some fabubouls gaming!


Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship - July 14th at Noon

Get ready for the Ursula's Return Championship on July 14th at Noon! Entry is $25 with in-store registration starting at 11am. Prefer to preregister? Click here to save your spot. Top 4 players will receive a Sea Witch Queen promo card, second place will earn a Sea Witch Queen Playmat, and winner will take home a Store Champion Playmat! Preregister now for a chance to become our Store Champion!


Bloomburrow Prerelease - July 26th to 28th

Dive into an epic adventure with the Bloomburrow Prerelease! Embrace the excitement where being small means embarking on a big journey.

  • July 26th at 7pm
  • July 27th at Noon & 5pm
  • July 28th at Noon (2-Headed Giant)
  • July 28th at 5pm

Preregister to save your spot or save yourself a kit for an At-Home Prerelease. At-Home kits come with 1 Prerelease Kit and 2 additional play booster packs.


We're also thrilled to announce a Bloomburrow Prerelease Draft on July 31st at 7pm for $25. Don't miss your chance to draft this set early and explore all the new possibilities it offers.


Pokemon League Challenge - July 28th at 1pm

The Pokemon League Challenge returns! On July 28th at 1pm, put your skills to the test against fellow trainers in our monthly League Challenge. Decklists and Player IDs are required, so please arrive early to complete yours if you don't already have one. Top players will earn store credit prizes, and participants will receive Championship Points. Join us for a day of fun, strategy, and great competition! Save your spot today!


Join us this July at Game Haven for a month packed with exciting events and fantastic new releases. Whether you're a seasoned player of new to the game, there's something for everyone. We can't wait to see you in store!



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