Unveiling February: Mysteries, Magic and More

by Game Haven

Greetings, Game Haven Community! As we step into February, we've curated a captivating calendar of events to keep your gaming spirits high. From thrilling prereleases to excititing new card games, there's something for everyone this month. Let's dive into details!

Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease

Joins us for the Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease events:

  • February 2 at 7pm: Sealed
  • February 3 at Noon: Sealed
  • February 3 at 5pm: Sealed
  • February 4 at Noon: 2HG Sealed
  • February 4 at 5pm: Sealed

Preregister on our website and receive a 30th-anniversary foil Deadly Dispute. Prepay in advance and earn one raffle ticket per event towards a free booster box of the new Play Booster! Participate in at least 2 events in-store, and you'll also snag a Murders at Karlov Manor lapen pin (while supplies last). 

  • Prerelease Draft (February 7 at 7pm): Discover clues to unmask mysterious figures eith a $25 entry fee.
  • Launch Part (February 9 at 7pm): Join the celebration of the new set at $25 entry. Each participant receives a 30th-anniversary foil Dovin's Veto. Plus, a chance to win a free 1000-piece Murders at Karlov Manor puzzle

Murders at Karlov Manor Draft-A-Thon

Enjoy an all day drafting and familiarize yourself with the new Play Booster on February 11, starting at noon. The top 2 players will win free entry into the next draft. If you are unable to stay for the next draft, you'll be awarded $20 in store credit. Each participant receives a 30th-anniversary foil Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose! Entry is $20 per draft and each fires as soon as 8 people are available.

DreamHack RCQs: Round 6

Prepare for an epic showdown at the DreamHack RCQ on February 18th. This event is 2-Slot, meaning the Top 2 players get an invitation to RegionalsRegistration kicks off at 11am with a $50 entry fee. The format is Sealed with the new Play Boosters from Murders at Karlov Manor! 
  • Participation: The first 58 registrants secure a promo nonfoil Explore.
  • Top 8 Triumphs: Top 8 players claim 2 promo nonfoil Expressive Iteration and an exclusive Top 8 Ragavan Pin - a badge of honor!
  • Top 2 Grand Prizes: A promo foil Expressive Iteration, 3 extra promo nonfoil Explore, a Pinfinity Treasure Token, and an invitation to the Regional Championship!
  • Something Extra: Store credit will be awarded to Top 8 players based on number of attendees.

Tickets for preregistration can be found here. Stay tuned for information on our second RCQ for Round 6.

Open House, Commander Party, and Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch

  • Open House (February 11 at 2pm): Introduce friends to Magic: The Gathering! Each participant will receive a promo foil Underworld Connections, a Bring-A-Friend promo Cultivate, and a sticket sheet of images from Murders at Karlov Manor.
  • Commander Party (February 17 at 2pm):  Engage in a murder mystery mini-game to give you bonuses during your game of Commander. Entry is $7 to receive a promo foil Rogue's Passage and $5 in store credit.
  • Ravnica: Clue Editioin Launch (February 25 at 2pm): Test out this new edition of Clue with fellow community members. Participants using the Companion App will receive a retro frame foil Lavinica, Foil to Conspiracy. Preorder your copy of the game today.

Standard Showdown

Mark your calendars for the revival of Standard Showdown starting February 9 at 7pm, and every Friday thereafter. Join the first event on February 9 to receive a Year of the Dragon foil promo Dragonlord's Servant. For the competitive spirits, one lucky player with a 3-0 record on February 9 to claim a foil promo Sarkhan Unbroken. From February 16 onwards, 3-0 players each week will secure a promo foil Omenpath Basic Land. Don't miss the weekly dose of Standard excitement - where victory comes with exclusive rewards!

D&D - Beginner's Campaign

For those curious about the world of RPGs, our free Beginner's Campaign on February 10 at 2pm is the perfect introduction. Each participant will receive a free set of dice. We're limited to 6 seats, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

Ladies Magic Lounge

On February 28, from 7pm to 10pm, you can enjoy a night of fun and make new friends! ​This event will be run by our Assistant Manager, Sham! We'll be using the private room in the back so we have a limit of 7 people. Please call ahead to reserve a spot.

New Weekly Tournaments

  • Digimon (Every Saturday at 1pm): Featuring exciting battles and store credit prizes. Each participant gets 1 promo pack, and undefeated players receive a winner's pack.
  • One Piece (Every Tuesday at 7pm: Battle legendary pirates of the seas. Store credit prizes and promos included.

In Memory of Wynn Sutton

As we embrace the February festivities, we pause to honor Wynn Sutton, a cherished member of our Game Haven family. Wynn's warmth and passion left an enduring mark on our hearts.

In spirits of her kindness, let's remember to check in on those around us. Wynn's legacy inspires us to cultivate lasting connections and a welcoming atmosphere. 

Vince Caggiano

Wynn was a fixture there and always a welcome face. I am truly sad to hear of their passing. I will miss seeing them there, chatting about magic and hearing them laugh at some ridiculousness. My sincere condolences to their friends, family and partners.

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