December Celebrations!

by Game Haven

December is here and so are the holidays! To celebrate, we've packed this month full of fun and interesting events.


To start this off, Jumpstart 2022 is released today, December 2nd.

We'll be hosting a launch event tonight at 7pm. Entry is $20 with standard draft packs as prize support. Each participant will receive a promo foil Kibo, Uktabi Prince!

Following that, we have our D&D- Beginner's Campaign.

Are you a new player unsure of where to start? We've got you covered! Join us at Game Haven for a campaign designed for beginners. We will give out a free set of dice to each beginner. All ages welcome! We have a limit of 6 people so please call ahead to reserve a spot. This event is completely free as our friend Jay has offered to be a DM for this lovely experience!

For this month, Tuesday Pokémon Standard is being replaced by the Gym Leader Challenge.

The Gym Leader Challenge will take place every tuesday this month @7pm with just an entry fee of $10. For those unfamiliar with the Gym Leader Challenge, check out this website for more info.

 Friday, December 9th, we'll be hosting a Chaos Draft!
Choose 3 draft booster packs from any of the sets we have available, Un-sets excluded. Entry is $7 + the price of the packs you choose or $20 if you use only packs from standard sets.
For our Weekly Wednesday Draft on December 14th @7pm we'll be hosting another Chaos Draft. Only this one is purely sets from Standard!
For $20 you can choose 3 packs from any standard set to draft with. Those sets include, The Brothers' War, Dominaria United, Streets of New Capenna, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty,  Innistrad: Crimson Vow, and Innostrad: Midnight Hunt! 


On Saturday, December 10th @ Noon, we'll be hosting Game Day!

The format is Standard with cut to TOP 8. Deck lists are required so please arrive early to fill one out. Entry is $20. ​First 64 entrants will receive a promo nonfoil Recruitment Officer, TOP 8 players will receive a promo foil Braids, Arisen Nightmare, and winner will receive a promo foil Surge Engine as well as a 30th anniversary foil Loyal Retainers (Chinese). Tickets can be found here.

Sunday, December 10th @Noon, we have a 2-Slot RCQ!

2-Slot means, the TOP 2 players will qualify for the first DreamHack Regional Championship of 2023! The format is Sealed (The Brothers' War) with cut to TOP 8. Entry is $35 and Registration begins at 11am. First 64 entrants will receive a non-foil promo Thraben Inspector, TOP 8 will receive a non-foil promo Selfless Spirit, 2nd place will receive 3 additional non foil Selfess Spirit for a complete playset, and Winner will receive 2 foil promo Selfless Spirit as well as an additional non foil for a complete playset. Tickets can be found here.


December 18th we have multiple events! First up we have Learn to Play Day!

From Noon to 6pm, we'll have various employees and community members available to help you learn the rules of a new game! We'll have demos for the Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Solforge, and Flesh and Blood. Each participant will receive free promos for the game they learned!
Next we have our Commander Party for The Brothers' War @2pm!

Bring your commander decks to play a mini game and receive promos! Entry is $5 and each participant will receive $5 in store credit as well as two promos cards! Phyrexian Foil Psychosis Crawler and Phyrexian Foil Dismember! Be sure to keep an eye out for our next Commander Party to see what happens next in the mini game!


We also have the return of The Ladies Magic Lounge
On December 21st, from 7pm to 10pm, you can enjoy a night of fun and make new friends!
Be sure to bring your magic decks. If you don't have one, we'll have a few available to borrow. We'll hand out 1 Magic: the Gathering promo to each attendant, a foil 30th anniversary Serra Angel! This event will be run by our Assistant Manager, Sham! We'll be using the private room in the back so we have a limit of 7 people. Please call ahead to reserve a spot.


On December 21st @7pm for Weekly Wednesday DraftDecember 22 @7pm for Commander LeagueDecember 23rd @7pm for FNM Modern and Draft, and December 24th and December 31st @Noon for Pioneer we'll be handing out additional promo packs to celebrate the holiday!

We have promo packs from sets as old as Core 2021, foil and non foil, so be sure to stop by and play in an event for your chance to win one!


 December 28th for Weekly Wednesday Draft @7pm, we're having a Double Masters 2022 Draft!

Entry is $60 with standard draft booster packs as prize support. We'll be handing out plenty of promo packs as well to lucky participants.


Finally, we have scheduled for FNM Draft @7pm on December 30th a Time Spiral Remastered Draft!

Entry is $35 with standard draft booster packs as prize support! We'll be handing out more of those promo packs so if you miss one of the previous nights, you still have a chance at opening some cool promos!


We hope to see you all this month and enjoy the holiday season!


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