April Updates

by Game Haven

April is here as well as a new event schedule Get ready for a month packed with excitement!

The very fabric of the Multiverse fundamentally changes in this epic climactic battle, March of the Machine. Fight against the Phyrexians in this event!

Entry is $35 per person. Check out the dates:

  • April 14th @7pm
  • April 15th @Noon & 5pm
  • April 16th 2HG @Noon
  • April 16th @5pm 

If you can't make it during the weekend, don't worry, we offer take home prerelease kits that come with 2 set booster packs! Tickets are available online for preorder. For each prerelease kit preordered, you will receive one 30th Anniversary promo foil Eternal Witness (while supplies last).

We also have a special Prerelease Draft scheduled on April 19th @7pm. Entry fee is $20 and we'll have set booster packs as prize support!

With the official release of March of the Machine comes the Launch Party!

Celebrate the release with a draft on April 21st @7pm! Each participant will receive a 30th Anniversary promo foil Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (while supplies last). Entry is $20 with draft boosters as prize support.

We also have a crowd favorite, the Draft-A-Thon on April 23rd!

We're bringing you all day (starting @Noon) drafting with a cheaper entry fee and top 2 players of each draft will get free entry into the next one. Each draft fires as soon as 8 people are available. Entry is $15 per draft. If you're one of the top players and can't enter the next draft,we'll give you $15 in store credit.

Don't forget to Preorder your March of the Machine products. If you preorder, you'll receive 10% off your oproducts, and if you pay by the end of this weekend, you'll receive 15% off instead! March of the Machine is available online for preorder.

 This month we're also hosting our first Pokémon League Challenge!

On April 30th @1pm, bring your standard decks to enter in this competitive event. Entry fee is $5 for Juniors (players born in 2011 or later) $10 for Masters & Seniors (players born in 2011 or earlier). Decklists are required so please arrive early to fill one out or bring your own. Player IDs are also required, if you do not have one, we can provide one. Prizes include ​booster pack prizes to TOP 8 players that will be based on the number of attendants. You'll also receive Championship Points.


Finally, We have our monthly meeting for The Ladies Magic Lounge on April 26th, from 7pm to 10pmyou can enjoy a night of fun and make new friends! This event will be run by our Assistant Manager, Sham

Be sure to bring your magic decks. If you don't have one, we'll have a few available to borrow. Each participant will receive 1 Magic: the Gathering promo! We'll be using the private room in the back so we have a limit of 7 people. Please call ahead or send us a message to reserve a spot.


And finally, our regularly scheduled events. The new point sheet for Commander League can be found here. We'll be handing out Promo packs for some of our regularly scheduled MtG events.

  • Monday Night Modern, and Weekly Wednesday Draft: We'll be hanging out 3 non foil promo packs from Phyrexia: All Will Be One to 3 random participants and 1 foil promo pack to players that go 3-0.
  • Commander League on Thursdays: We'll be handing out 3 non foil promo packs and 1 foil promo pack from Phyrexia: All Will Be One to randomly selected participants.
  • Sautrday Pioneer: We'll be handing out 2 non-foil promo packs from The Brothers' War to randomly selected participants.
  • FNM: Modern: We'll be hanging out 3 non foil promo packs from Phyrexia: All Will Be One to 3 random participants and 1 foil promo pack to players that go 3-0.
  • FNM: Draft: We'll be hanging out 3 non foil promo packs from Phyrexia: All Will Be One to 3 random participants and 1 foil promo pack to players that go 3-0.


Check back later for a May update!


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