April Adventures: Embrace the Thrills!

by Game Haven

Spring is in full swing, and here at Game Haven, we're gearing up for an April packed with excitement and adventure! Whether you're a seasoned adventurer of just starting out, there's something for everyone in this month's lineup of events.

Heroes' Haven: Kids' D&D Adventures

Every thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm, join our Dungeon Master Alex for thrilling quests and magical encounters in our Kids' D&D Adventures. Designed for ages 8-14, these weekly sessions offer not only epic adventures but also the chance to make new friends. With an intermission break, kids get 1 free snack, 1 free drink, and 10% off on any RPG supplies. Don't miss out on the fun - reserve your spot today! If this week's campaign is full, no need to worry, every Thursday is an opportunity to join. Entry is $15

Alex Thompson is our newest addition to the team and a devoted Dungeon Master. Initially inspired by discussions with friends, Alex took helm as Dungeon Master, hosting his first game for a lively group of 10. Alex favors the Cleric class for its supportive role and emotional depth. Outside of D&D, he enjoys Taco Tuesdays, playing Magic: the Gathering, and Pokemon GO.

Hobby Haven

Saturdays from noon to 5pm are dedicated to unleashing your creativity at Game Haven! Whether you're a miniature painting pro, or constructing  miniatures, our crafting able is open to all. Connect with fellow hobbyists, dive into the world of imagination and bring your miniatures to life!

Lorcana: Into the Inklands Store Championship

Mark your calendars for April 27th as we host Lorcana's first-ever Store Championship at noon! Compete for exciting prizes, including exclusive platmats and promo cards. Entry is just $25. It's an event you won't want to miss so preregister today!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease

Saddle up, outlaws! Join us for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease and rustle up some trouble in search of untold riches and power. With exciting prize support and multiple events to choose from, it's the perfect opportunity to dive into this thrilling new sent. Entry is $40 per event or $175 for 5 entries. Preorder your prerelease kits and sealed product while you still can! Dates are:

  • 4/12 @ 7:00:00 PM 
  • 4/13 @ Noon & 5 PM
  • 4/14 @ Noon & 5 PM (Noon is 2-Headed Giant)

MtG Regional Championship Qualifier for Round 7

Competitive players, get ready for our RCQs for Round 7 on April 21st at noon. Put your skills to the test with sealed Outlaws of Thunder Junction to gain a chance at winning exclusive promos and secure your invitation to the Regional Championship. Entry is $50 and you can preregister here. Stay tuned for our next 2 RCQs as this season we'll have 3 total!

Game Haven's Community Cube

Join us on April 10th for the highly anticipated return of Game Haven's Community Cube! Dive into an evening of drafting excitedment as we unleash our carefully cutated cube, crafted by non other than our very own community members! Entry is $12, and players will have the chance to draft a unique and diverse set of cards for an unforgettable gamin gexperience. As well as regular prize support, players can also change cards in the cube based on their win record!

D&D - Begginer's Campaign

Do you want to play an RPG but can't get a group together? Are you a new player unsure of where to start? We've got you covered! Join us at Game Haven for a campaign designed for beginners. All ages welcome!
We have a limit of 6 people so please call ahead to reserve a spot.
This event is completely free as our friend Jay has offered to be a DM for this lovely experience! Each participant will also receive a free pair set of dice.
Jay is an experienced video and tabletop gamer and has been playing and running role-playing games for more than 30 years. She beta-tested D&D 5th edition while serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Navy. A retired broadcast journalist, she is a high school teacher in Baltimore city. She identifies as non-binary and prefers she/her pronouns.
Let's not forget about our weekly events!



  • Modern: Join us at 7pm for our Modern tournament. Test your skills and compete for glory in this popular constructed format. Entry is $12.
  • cEDH (Competitive Commander): Dive into the world of competitive Commander at 7pm. Bring your most powerful deck and battle it out against fellow enthusiasts. Entry is $12.


  • GLC (Gym Leader Challenge): Embark on a challenge like no other in our GLC event at 7pm. Test your mettle against skilled opponents and prove yourself as a true Gym Leader. Entry is $10.
  • One Piece Tournament: Set sail for adventure in our One Piece Tournament at 7pm. Gather your crew and compete for honor and glory. Entry is $10.
  • Flesh and Blood: Join us at 7pm for Flesh and Blood action. Construct your deck, sharpen your skills, and vie for victory in this thrilling trading card game. Entry is $10.
  • Legacy: Experience the power of Magic's rich history in our Legacy event at 7pm. Bring your most powerful deck and compete in this beloved format. Entry is $12.



  • Weekly Wednesday Draft: Don't miss our Weekly Wednesday Draft at 7pm. Check our calendar to see what sets are featured and join us for an evening of drafting fun!
  • Commander League: Gather your forces and join our Commander League at 7pm. Bring your decks, forge alliances, and battle it out in this popular multiplayer format. Entry is $10.
  • Heroes’ Haven: Kids D&D Adventures: Let your imagination soar in our Kids D&D Adventures at 6pm. Led by our experienced Dungeon Master, young adventurers embark on thrilling quests and make new friends. Entry is $15.
  • Friday Night Magic - Draft: Start your weekend off right with Friday Night Magic at 7pm. Draft the latest sets and compete for prizes in this iconic Magic: The Gathering event.
  • Standard Showdown: Join us at 7pm for Standard Showdown. Test your skills in Magic's most popular constructed format and compete for valuable prizes. Entry is $12.
  • Lorcana Constructed: Immerse yourself in the world of Lorcana in our Lorcana Constructed event at 7pm. Build your deck, unleash your creatures, and claim victory. Entry is $10.


  • Casual Lorcana League: Join us from noon to 4pm for our Casual Lorcana League. Enjoy relaxed gameplay and friendly competition in this casual setting. Entry is $5 per round.
  • Hobby Haven: Dive into the world of miniature gaming at our Hobby Haven from noon to 5pm. Paint, build, and create alongside fellow hobbyists.
  • Digimon Tournament: Battle it out in our Digimon Tournament at 10am. Construct your deck, summon your Digimon, and emerge victorious. Entry is $10.


  • Pokemon Club: Join us from noon to 4pm for Pokemon Club. Trade cards, battle opponents, and connect with fellow trainers in this casual Pokemon gathering.
  • Junior Pokemon Club: Young trainers are invited to join our Junior Pokemon Club from noon to 4pm. Learn the ropes, hone your skills, and embark on your Pokemon journey.
  • Pokemon Standard: Test your skills in our Pokemon Standard tournament at 1pm. Compete for prizes and promos in this popular format. Entry is $10. (Check our calendar to see if a special Pokemon event is taking place instead)

Stop on by this month for unforgettable adventures and endless fun!


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