Announcing Our New Year Raffle Winners!

by Game Haven

We're thrilled to unveil the lucky winners of our New Year Sale Raffle!
Magic: The Gathering Raffle Winners:
  • Brad H - Cavern of Souls:  Congratulations on claiming this legendary treasure!
  • Emmet F - Booster Box: Enjoy the thrill of classic booster box!
  • Rachel W - Playmat: Dive into your games with style!
  • Tom H - Camera: Capture unforgettable moments both in and out of the game!
  • Kevin R - Banner: Add a touch of magic to your gaming space!
Pokémon Raffle Winners:
  • Justin J - Oversized Card:A huge addition to your Pokémon collection awaits!
  • James L - Eeveelution Cards:  Welcome new members to your Pokémon team!
  • Joey - Playmat: Level up your battles with this fantastic playmat!
To all our winners, a massive congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who participated in making our New Year Sale truly memorable. Keep an eye out for more exhilarating events and opportunities at Game Haven throughout the year. Here's to an amazing 2024 filled with thrilling games and astonishing moments!
Stay tuned for more excitement coming your way! Happy New Year everyone!


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