2024 Summer Blood Bowl League

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    Blood Bowl comes to Game Haven!  Are you interested in some Fantasy Football fun?  We’re going to KICK-OFF the League on June 7th!

    Starting Team Value: 1,000,000

    League start: June 7th (sign ups end June 6th)

    Prizes: Top 4 and Best Painted will all receive prizes + trophies.  And, if we get more than 16 players, there will be additional prize awards.

    League Format: Number of Season Games will be based on number of players.  Then the Top 4 will play in the playoffs at the end of the season. We will break into conferences if there are enough teams participating. Players will have 2 weeks to complete their game (games can be played whenever is convenient for both players); if all players finish early, we will start the subsequent round early.  Contact Jake if you have scheduling issues.

    Game Format:  All Normal Blood Bowl rules the core Blood Bowl Rulebook and teams from any official rules are allowed (including Almanacs and Spike! magazines).  Plus the following additional rules:  1) rules for bloodbowl stadium from the Deathzone rule book are in effect, a team that has a team specific stadium may choose to take up residence there for 50,000 gold pieces after any game during step 4 of the aftermath. Other teams may take residency as normal as described in rules; 2) rules for Inducements from the Deathzone rule book are allowed; 3) rules for sponsorships from the deathzone rule book are allowed.

    Painting: Not required but is fun and could get you prizes

    Entry: $20 (Please pay here: https://gamehavenmd.com/products/summer-blood-bowl-league)

    Register your team here: https://tourplay.net/en/blood-bowl/game-haven-championship

    If you have any questions, please email jake@gamehavenmd.com or DM jakesusername on Discord.

    - $20.00

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