Into The Inklands Store Championship Ticket

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    Entry: $25

    Time: Noon (Registration begins at 11)

    Format: Core (Constructed)
    Rounds: 50 minutes each, best of 3 (Top CUT matches are untimed)
    Structure: Swiss Rounds with TOP CUT (Number of rounds and TOP CUT dependant on attendance)


    Champion will receive:
    • 1 Stitch Store Champion Playmat
    • 1 Stitch - Rock Star card

    Runner up will receive: 
    • 1 Stitch Playmat (Non-Champion Version)
    • 1 Stitch - Rock Star card
    Third and Fourth Place will receive:
    • 1 Stitch - Rock Star card

    Additional prizes in the form of store credit will be awarded to TOP CUT based on attendance.

    - $25.00

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