DreamHack RCQ (2-Slot) - SEALED (July 16)

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    Round 4 of the Dreamhack Regional Championship Qualifiers! Round 4 RCQs will be 2-slot, meaning the top 2 players will move onto Regionals.

    If you have already qualified in an RCQ you can NOT compete. 

    Entry: $50

    Time: July 16th @ Noon (Registration begins at 11 am)

    Format: Sealed - The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth w/ TOP 8 Draft

    Prize: The first 58 entrants will receive a non foil promo Unholy Heat, top 8 will get a non foil promo Eldritch Evolution and the top 2 players will get a FOIL promo Eldritch Evolution, 2 non foil copies of Eldritch Evolution 3 copies of Unholy Heart! Additional prizes in the form of store credit will be based on attendance!

    - $50.00

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